Book: “Growing Up Without My Daddy”

Angela Adley encountered a very personal challenge that spurred her to make peace with events from her past, and advocate to help others.

In Growing Up Without My Daddy, Adley shares her personal story with other little girls growing up with unavailable, unattached, or absent fathers in the hopes that they will be able to heal their own daddy wounds through love and faith-based healing. 

“I want to remind little girls that they are love, loved and lovable in the absence of their fathers.” Adley said.

Adley, who is currently a speech language pathologist in Los Angeles began her journey to becoming an author, when she participated in a personal coaching program for fatherless women. Despite having a loving family and friends, and a positive college experience, she always felt like something was missing. 

She realized over time that by not acknowledging the truth of the emotional wounds she carried from growing up fatherless, that she was stuck and unable to move forward.

Adley feels that she was called to write her first book. When she embarked on researching the publishing process, many things came together to confirm that she was meant to document her journey. 

She found her publisher simply by googling a larger publishing firm and seeing they merged with Archway Publishing, and when being referred to an Illustrator, whom she did not know in advance, the Illustrator ended up being from her same small town in Indiana. The most important thing that came together while writing the book, was that she was able to reconnect with her father and he understands and supports why she decided to write the book.

Continuing on her journey, she is now a certified Fatherless Daughter Advocate through Angela Carr Patterson’s Journey to Being System. Growing Up Without My Daddy is colorful, interactive, and provides a platform for parents to discuss the topic with their daughters. The book is available in hardcover, soft cover, and e-book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Archway Publishing.

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